There really are a lot of factors that go into pricing and the biggest ones are not relative to what other photographers advertise in their standard packages which is why we simply would like a few minutes to help you understand how photographers price themselves and what are the key considerations when comparing packages and  how to figure out who to hire with some inside information! Starting price of $4500 in the Spring and $5500 in Summer/Fall


Alyssa & Matt Photo & Video

Here we are looking to better understand how the design elements of your wedding align with our brand to ensure we are a fit for each other

The Fit


What services are important to you and do they each carry the same level of importance?
Rehearsal Dinner


The WhAT


Demand fluctuates significantly based on the weather.  80% of  demand is for the SAME timing! Its not so much about the actual date as the season as the edit is 90% of our time and the limiting factor on how many weddings a photographer takes on. 

The Date


The single biggest factor in pricing will be HOW they edit. The amount of time and experience the photographer has and is willing to set aside for you when no one else knows how long they spent.!  Corners are often cut here with outsourcing or presets. We tell you what to look for!

The Edit