We fell in love at first sight in our high school cafeteria when we were 14 years old. We now have 4 kids who we love to travel the world with.

We stay active and in love by training and competing in Ironman triathlons together. Biking alongside each other and (smack) talking is our favorite date! So far Alyssa has beat Matt in 3 of 4 races. Feel free to give Matt a hard time about it at your session! 

Our photography style fits our lifestyle perfectly! We love to keep it classy, dreamy, playful, and romantic! Our shooting and editing techniques bring out the light soft colors and focuses on people and making them look and feel their best!

Alyssa        Matt

Forever Sweethearts

We have been best friends for 22 years and we do everything together! I love doing life with Matt and having him by my side as my biggest encourager! Marriage is such a beautiful gift and we love growing in our marriage every day, as well as encouraging our couples about how awesome marriage is!

We love being parents!

We have 4 kids, 1 princess and 3 stinky toads! They bring us more joy than any other accomplishment ever could! As a family we grow and learn in ways otherwise impossible!

Cincinnati's  favorite Wedding  &  Senior  photographers

We love to travel!

From Jerusalem to Ireland we have been almost everywhere! Matt's corporate job was a global role, so I got to tag along on the most incredible trips! We grow so close when we are out of our elements because we have to rely on one another just to do basic things like driving and buying groceries! I've also found that I enjoy being solely reliant on Matt when no one else around us even speaks the same language!