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 Capturing light-filled weddings as bright and joyful as your love!

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Cincinnati, OH

It's unmistakable that we are passionate about photography and giving our sweet brides more than expected throughout their wedding experience! We love spoiling you with the many thoughtful elements we have designed throughout our service! 

More than just pretty pictures!

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Alyssa Matt Photo & video Difference

1.  Although most photographers are hired as a single man plus a random second shooter that you've never met or seen sample work from, Alyssa and Matt come as a team package! We are both strong lead shooters and feel confident capturing an entire wedding alone, but that's not the way we choose to do it! We work flawlessly together, resulting in maximum coverage! We complement each other's strengths, and since we see things a little differently, you'll get many different perspectives as you look back on your wedding day memories! We communicate well, keep the timelines running effectively, and are both deeply invested in you as a couple from beginning to end! 

2. We only take a select amount of weddings per year so that we can focus on each individual couple, getting to know them, their vision and how we can contribute to that visually. Our number 1 priority is serving our couple and their needs, which goes hand in hand with understanding who they are (which also helps the photos, too!) The benefit of taking a select amount of weddings means every couple of ours gets our full attention, time, speedy replies, help planning photo timeline/anything we can help with at all! We are flexible, accommodating, and invested in the relationships between us and our couples!

3. We are always looking for big and small moments to capture authentically and creatively. While we're really versed in being a fly on the wall and letting moments unfold and capturing them, we're equally as strong at directing and giving our couples editorial looking, artsy portraits. We don’t just run down a list of poses, but rather direct based on your personalities individually and together - which allow for photos that represent YOU and your love!

4. Part of being a wedding photographer is blending into the day, not standing out as a “vendor.” We have the ability to read a room incredibly well and easily get along with everyone, which makes the photo-taking experience fun for your guests! We pay close attention to detail, both artistically and professionally. We realize how important this day is for you and how our presence can positively impact that!

5. Most importantly, we are here to serve YOU and your needs. We are excellent listeners, collaborators and care deeply for our couples. Our goal is to put you at easy through the photo-taking process, while having fun, all while working towards giving you beautiful, professional and flattering photos!